4 Reasons You Are Always Tired

We spend a large part of our productive hours at work, getting home tired, and just wanting to lie down, stream movies on Netflix, eat, and sleep. This tiredness barely fades even after making lifestyle changes. Why do you keep feeling tired and sleepy throughout the day? Is there a solution? In this article, we will provide answers to these questions. 

You are not exercising (enough)

Most people do not exercise in the mornings because it would make them tired throughout the day. This is a misconception. Early morning workouts not only help you burn fat, but they also trigger the production of hormones that keep you healthy and energetic all day.

However, make sure you keep the intensity low at first. This is so you can avoid cramps, injuries, and body aches. Start slow, take baby steps until you get there. 

You’re dehydrated

Are you drinking enough water every day? Dehydration is a primary cause of the constant tiredness. This is apart from other ailments like dizziness that accrue to it. Always have a bottle of water handy, especially in the summer, when we lose most of our body moisture because of the heat. You can get around this with an alarm that reminds you to have a drink of water every hour.

Dehydration has an impact on concentration and alertness. Next time you are unable to concentrate at work, take a quick walk, drink some water, stretch your body a little, and you should do fine afterward.

You’re not getting enough sleep.

Notice we said “enough” sleep. This is because some people need more than the recommended 7 hours of sleep in order to feel rested while some need less. You have to look for and find the number of hours and times that suit you. Just ensure it is a single uninterrupted stretch of sleep.

If you can do this, you would see an increase in your energy levels every morning and throughout the day.

You’re stressed/overworked.

This is the real reason you feel tired in the morning. A weird solution to this is to try waking up to a happy thought (affirmations) every morning. Though slight, the boost to your energy level staves off feelings of tiredness.

Do not let the stress build up. You should make attempts to shed it off. Do constant mental checks and ensure you, with regularity:

  • Go for a quick walk
  • Drink some water
  • Call a friend
  • Take time out to not think about anything
  • Pen down your thoughts,

Your mental health is as important as your physical health!

In conclusion, religiously follow the above-mentioned bullet points for at least 21 days because it takes about three weeks for your body to accept any kind of lifestyle Change. Besides, you can also:

  • Set your alarm to a time you won’t have to always “snooze” it every morning.
  • Take cold showers in the morning (you can cheat a little by blasting yourself with cold water for 30 seconds followed by a hot water shower to balance it out)
  • Drink lemonade in the morning.
  • Start your day with some upbeat music.
  • Lather up your body with some essential oils (peppermint, especially) to eliminate morning grogginess

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