7 Ways To Get Rid Of A Hangover This Weekend

It is a beautiful Sunday morning and you wake up with the legion of Roman gladiators marching across your head. Your heartbeat is perfectly matching the unusual thunder of boot steps, which feels particularly somewhat inconvenient as you rest on the bed that seems to be floating in an ocean at high tide. That ocean is the mythical unexplored region of Nau-SEA-ah or also known as being Nauseous.

Unfortunately, you are hungover and we all get it when we least want it. Below mentioned are few remedies for the hangover, that you might want to make the most of instead of suffering.

1. Green Tea

This is for all the tea lovers out there and did you all know that green tea contains very high antioxidant agents which help to recover your liver and fix it back to health. It is also counted among the other Ayurvedic herbal products which boost your energy level and strengthen your immunity. It also helps to recover your body from a headache and nausea due to the hangover.

2. Coconut water

Coconut water is considered to be a natural source of a high amount of electrolytes, nutrients and potassium. It is a perfect way to rehydrate the body and you need this after that last wild night of shots and pegs, you are badly going to need it to get out of your hangover.

3. Pho Soup

This is a just right cure for the excessive drinker who keep in their kitchen, various stuff like with noodles, rice, lean beans, jalapenos, onions, ginger, and herbs like anise & cilantro. This definitely sounds like the perfect kitchen. But, people out there who want to juggle up ingredients from the Orient and spend over 40 minutes in preparing soup, Pho is your total remedy. It is actually considered the best treatment for hangovers all across the world. It replenishes the body and cures the hangover.

4. Bananas

Yes, you read it right, the banana does offer a ton of potassium and is definitely a drunk’s go to breakfast. Bananas give the perfect burst of energy and rehydration to get you rejuvenated for round 2. So next time you go drunk and if you have some bananas, don’t hold back. Devour them all.

5. Pedialyte

Pedialyte helps in the quick rehydration of the body and decreases the various symptoms of a hangover. Mix one packet of Pedialyte with some water and prepare yourself for the instant relief. It does work wonders and either this or coconut water can be used, but the main point remains the same as staying hydrated.

6. Sex

Sex releases various endorphins that act as a shot of energy to revive the whole body and zap out the hangover. Plus, you can brag to your friends why you don’t have a hangover and they do. Most people consider sex as an actual non-medical cure for hangovers. 

7. Midnight Snacks

Well, those who are concerned about the waistline, this one is definitely not for you all. But after consuming thousands of calories in a liquid, a little extra should not bother you much. Before bed, get yourself a few slices of a pizza, some chicken wings and, a sausage sandwich, this will help to block the absorption of the alcohol into the bloodstream and thus food saves the day. This does help you to wake up the next morning without any hangover.

Additional tips

Try not to go or use any drug to recover from a headache you have. Caffeine is the right solution for getting rid of a morning headache, but a cup of some ginger tea or green tea can also replace it as it is a herbal and very good for health. You can also buy some good Ayurvedic medicines which are readily available in the Ayurvedic stores and the various online stores. LIVitup is an Ayurvedic supplement offered by the DrVaidyas.

It is a hangover shield and protects your liver from long-term damage, effectively without any visible side effects. Either ayurvedic or homemade natural solutions are your best bet for the cure for a hangover from last night.

Photos Source: Pexels.com

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