What Women Really Want When They Test Men

Whether it’s a revealing conversation or an online dating profile, if you closely observe the language women use you’ll find that they want to be with a man who can confidently take the lead and make decisions, has strong personal boundaries, and knows how to love her like…a man.
While different women want very different things there seems to be at least one particular need that pops up consistently. Women usually communicate this need in vague language that some men find confusing.

This happens because when women do confess this need it appears counterintuitive to how most men were brought up to interact with women.
For example, here’s a small sampling of confessions women have made that men have come across at one point or another:
· “I want a man who knows how to put me in my place.”
· “He’s the only guy to ever call me out when I get out of hand.”
· “I like that he doesn’t let me get away with everything.”
· “I just wish he’d stand up to me sometimes. He’s such a pushover.”
· “He just lets me do whatever I want. It’s like he doesn’t have a backbone.”
· “I just wish he’d do what he wants for a change. He lets me make all the decisions.”
· “He’s really honest with me. I don’t always like it, but I know I can trust him.”
A lot of men these days have difficulty accepting the truth that many women prefer to be with a man who isn’t afraid to stand up to them, who challenges them, and who refuses to be pushed around when a woman (or anything else for that matter) tests him. This is especially true of
women who seek a more traditional male-female gender dynamic in their romantic relationships.
While some women understand this and can confidently admit that they need a man who can handle them when they lose themselves in their emotions, others aren’t as aware of this desire. Unfortunately even when they are aware, there’s a chance that they might be too embarrassed to
even admit it.

Due to the various social constraints placed on female sexuality women tend to conceal what they are really attracted to in men. The reality of having an overwhelming sexual attraction to a highly assertive, strongwilled, and perhaps even dominant man might make a woman feel ashamed, especially in today’s highly feminized and politically-correct society.

It’s very RARE for a woman to admit that she’s sexually attracted to a man who doesn’t always give her what she wants, who speaks his mind, and who challenges her to be more authentic.

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