Why you should not eat just before you sleep ?

Body feeding

The human body needs healthy nutrition, so that it can perform its daily functions actively and effectively. Eating is a necessary necessity of life. It is beneficial for humans when eating useful foods containing nutrients. Everyone must follow correct eating habits to achieve maximum benefit. Eating at certain times and in quantities sufficient for the need of the body without increasing or decreasing, eating foods immediately before sleep leads to adverse results and contributes to the injury of the individual many damage, and will identify the damage to eating before going to sleep in this article.

Damage to eating before bedtime

The lack of regular eating and eating bad habits such as eating before bedtime leads to damage and health risks that everyone should know and work to avoid, and will be the most prominent damage to eating before bedtime as follows:

  • The effects of eating before bedtime gastroesophageal reflux, eating late at night and before going to sleep lead to a rebound acidic acid in the esophagus, which causes the occurrence of stomach ulcers and the difficulty of swallowing and indigestion, in addition to the occurrence of serious complications, such as Esophageal cancer.
  • The feeling of shortness of breath during sleep, eating before bed pressure on the diaphragm, which impedes the process of inhalation and exhalation, and thus stop breathing several times, and this increases the chances of strokes, heart disease and high pressure and cholesterol in addition to the change in blood sugar. Cough and inflammation of the lung caused by acid reflux, which is secreted in the stomach to the respiratory tract in the lung, and thus the infection of persistent cough.
  • Hormone imbalance, where the human body produces large amounts of hormones, most notably appetite control hormones, such as leptin responsible for the feeling of satiety, which is produced in conjunction with the hormone Guerlin responsible for the sense of hunger, and the occurrence of any disorder leading to many damage to the body.
  • Obesity: Eating pre-sleep increases the body weight from the normal rate, where the accumulation of fat in large quantities, which expose the body to the incidence of depression and inactivity and the feeling of headaches and fatigue, burning these fats need to effort and physical activity can not be able to complete the body during sleep.
  • Eating before bedtime is harmful to the teeth and leads to loss, as they become susceptible to decay due to increased acidity in the mouth, especially if the food contains sugars and starches that accumulate in the cavities of the teeth.
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Tips on eating

  • The body must receive the appropriate nutrition to take advantage of the nutrients contained in the foods, and must follow the correct methods when eating to avoid the occurrence of health problems and various diseases, will be mentioned tips for eating as follows:
  • Avoid fatty foods containing saturated fat, starches and sugars before bedtime.
  • Avoid eating after 8pm, because the process of fat burning less after this time, which increases the weight of the body and expose him to obesity.
  • Walking is recommended for at least thirty minutes after dinner. Do not go to sleep after you finish eating directly.
  • Eat fruits and yogurt at dinner to facilitate digestion.

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